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Distributing and Re-Publishing

Currently registered members of the Electronic Hallway are authorized to download, store, copy, and distribute Hallway materials for the length of their paid membership. However this information may only be distributed to employees or students who are associated with the member. In addition, you may post materials to a website course page, though it needs to be password protected. With all Hallway materials, you have the option of printing a permission to copy letter that allows you to copy materials you have downloaded for instructional use. The permission to copy letter is valid for the duration of your paid membership.

Copyright is retained by the authors of the cases. If you would like to re-publish a case in a book or other print material, please contact the case author directly to request permission.

For Pay-Per-Use case permissions requests, please contact hallhelp@uw.edu directly.

Any additional comments and questions relating to feedback on case content, issues with the website, and other non-teaching items may be sent to the Hallway staff at hallhelp@uw.edu