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A suburban town experiences controversy and service gridlock over construction and land use permit processing. Students work on how to find tools to correct these service and political problems.

Instructors may use this case to teach operations analysis, and demonstrate the use of "continuous improvement" or "work re-engineering," inclusive decision-making and strategic organizational deve

Students gain insight into the subtle and unsubtle mechanics of state health politics and how they affect managed care demonstration projects. Also familiarizes students with fee-for-service provider plans and programs for low-income consumers.

Experimental programs are gaining popularity among state policy makers as a means to innovate in small, protected steps.

This case is intended to help students explore the strategies associations and non-profit organizations can use to significantly change the environment in which they operate and thus the services they provide the public.

On November 6, 2006, the night before a public advisory vote on whether to fluoridate the water supply in Skagit County, Washington, Tracy Garland, the president and CEO of the Washington Dental Se

This case is designed to illustrate the difficulties of working to improve customer service in a resource-challenged setting with little or no formal authority.

This case is designed to illustrate the difficulties of working to improve customer service in a resource-challenged setting with little or no formal authority.

On the eve of an inspector general's critical report to a hostile Congress, HEW faces the dilemma of how to handle the fallout. This case may be used as a vehicle to discuss press relations and how public managers should frame an issue for the media.

During her lunch break, Eileen Shanahan, assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), learns that the first annual report of HEWs inspector gener

The assistant to the director of a state welfare division applies research design and a variety of statistical skills in seeking to determine the causes of recidivism affecting the state's welfare caseload.

This four part case and its companion bring real world problems into the study of statistics, research design, and communication with non-statistician audiences.

A United Nations hydrologist discovers the political complexity of adopting an environmentally sound riparian resource plan for the Zambezi River, which flows through eight African nations. The case asks students to identify the political problem or problems threatening a technically sound environmental plan.

This case focuses on the complex political structure of managing a riparian resource in developing countries.

Eastern European NGO is tempted to violate its own policies by granting a special request from the country's president, and must face political forces not easily dismissed. In addition to its focus on the conflict between organizational and political priorities, this case can be used to illustrate principles of crisis management and staff/board relations.

This case presents a classic dilemma faced by nonprofit and public sector managers: how to remain true to the organization's values and mission when asked by an authority figure to "bend the rules?

This case sensitizes readers to the political dynamics that surround intra-organizational performance auditing and illustrates the complex problems that arise when organizations attempt to use performance as a basis for service delivery decisions.

This case describes the role of performance information in a contentious effort to reform planning and zoning procedures in the fictional City of Emerald City.

This is a complex, multi-dimensional case that forces students to step outside comfortable boundaries in health care, public health, public policy, and community development.

Wyandotte County, Kansas consistently ranks near the bottom in health outcomes in the state. It is also one of the state’s poorest, most diverse counties.