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As a result of activities within the Abu Ghraib prison, Donald Rumsfeld faced circumstances that were arguably as grave as any leader will ever encounter. The case offers a useful opportunity to apply frameworks taught in public management and policy courses.

During the U.S. led war in Iraq, allegations of prisoner abuse within the Abu Ghraib prison evoked angry reactions worldwide.

Role-play exercise teaching subtle and practical lessons about legislative/executive relations and strategies for making progress on program issues through legislative processes.

This case combines a case study, role-play exercise, and teaching resource to engage students in the legislative process.

EPA's careful planning of a Superfund cleanup encounters community  and Congressional opposition organized by an environmental advocacy  group.  Escalating conflict, years of delay, and mediation followed by a  questionable outcome result.

This four-part case concerns Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) management of, and community opposition to, the early 1990s effort to clean up toxic waste in the New Bedford, Massachusetts harbo

This case is intended to help students explore the strategies associations and non-profit organizations can use to significantly change the environment in which they operate and thus the services they provide the public.

On November 6, 2006, the night before a public advisory vote on whether to fluoridate the water supply in Skagit County, Washington, Tracy Garland, the president and CEO of the Washington Dental Se

The dilemma facing a city government agency manager who must figure out how to implement a bold new policy that the mayor has recently announced to the public.

This case presents the challenge facing a policy manager in a large city government agency who is expected to implement a bold new policy to reduce homelessness that may exceed the local government

This case covers challenges of varied stakeholder groups cooperating to solve serious health and environmental problems in one of the largest cities in the world, both English and Spanish versions are posted on the website.

Sustainability and the Mexico City Lake Basin and Sustenibilidad en la Cuenca del Lago de la Ciudad de Mexico, both English and Spanish versions are available.

A new technique for recreational shrimping sets off opposition from commercial shrimpers and concern among environmentalists, while the situation raises questions about an administrator.

This medium length case confronts students with the challenges facing an administrator whose state agency lacks much regulatory authority, as he grapples with a policy dispute set off by a new tech

Washington State government creates new agency to plan comprehensive water quality control.  Building consensus approach among constituencies and gaining support for funding prove challenging for agency head.

Puget Sound Water Quality Authority describes a new governmental entity's attempt to focus planning and action on restoring an invaluable natural resource, within a narrow window of opportunity.

A United Nations hydrologist discovers the political complexity of adopting an environmentally sound riparian resource plan for the Zambezi River, which flows through eight African nations. The case asks students to identify the political problem or problems threatening a technically sound environmental plan.

This case focuses on the complex political structure of managing a riparian resource in developing countries.

A successful coalition of governments and nonprofits builds an integrated housing and social service program that is threatened by new federal rules.

This case presents a classic operating dilemma in adaptation to change.