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A dispute over fisheries conservation in the Northwest Atlantic leads to the first ever military confrontation between Canada and Spain. Negotiations involving the European Union lead to an agreement in which both sides claim victory.

The dispute over Northwest Atlantic fisheries conservation, dubbed "The Turbot War" in the press, marked the first military confrontation of any kind between Canada and Spain.

An environmental role-play in which a multi-party committee employs a negotiated rule making process to achieve consensus.  Recommended for students already introduced to negotiation and who have background in economics and management dilemmas.

Woodstove Source Performance Standards is an environmental role-play in which a multi-party committee employs a negotiated rulemaking process to achieve consensus regarding woodstove emissions.

A political appointee pressures a seasoned career official to authorize an unethical contract. The official's judgment and experience steer the appointee clear of a dangerous course, and end up winning his respect.

Interview with Al Zuck presents, in his own words, the personal reflections and reactions of a respected twenty-three year career official in the Department of Labor during the 1980 Presidential tr

A new technique for recreational shrimping sets off opposition from commercial shrimpers and concern among environmentalists, while the situation raises questions about an administrator.

This medium length case confronts students with the challenges facing an administrator whose state agency lacks much regulatory authority, as he grapples with a policy dispute set off by a new tech

This is a short, nontechnical case about a local official trying to site a landfill. Although written about Eastern Europe, the case might as well take place in the United States.

Washington State government creates new agency to plan comprehensive water quality control.  Building consensus approach among constituencies and gaining support for funding prove challenging for agency head.

Puget Sound Water Quality Authority describes a new governmental entity's attempt to focus planning and action on restoring an invaluable natural resource, within a narrow window of opportunity.

This leadership story demonstrates how angry and grief stricken families of people incarcerated under mandatory drug sentencing laws are mobilized to put a face on injustice and build diverse alliances to combat mandatory minimums.

Julie Stewart and her colleagues mobilize the angry and grief stricken families of people incarcerated under mandatory drug sentencing laws.

CFLs pose potential environmental, health, and safety risks, but are a necessity. What do we do about products, or practices, that have obvious benefits and yet also pose some risks? What is “acceptable risk” in a democratic society? And who decides?

Consumers have increased their use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) due to their greater energy efficiency relative to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Examines accountability at several levels within social service and intergovernmental grant programs for 'special needs' children. Asks students to define problems carefully before offering solutions.

This case uses California's Adoption Assistance program, which subsidized the adoptive families of "hard to place" children, to examine accountability in social service and intergovernmental grant