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In the course of a series of investigations into scientific fraud and misconduct involving Nobel laureate David Baltimore and research scientist Thereza Imanishi-Kari, new policies were established in the United States and internationally. The case asks whether Baltimore should resign as president of Rockefeller University. His short tenure had been rocked by controversy over allegations concerning a publication from 1986 in the leading journal, Cell. Although Baltimore himself was never accused of misconduct or data manipulation, investigations into the underlying data led to questions about his role as co-author.

In early December 1991, renowned scientist and Nobel laureate David Baltimore considered his status at Rockefeller University.

As a result of activities within the Abu Ghraib prison, Donald Rumsfeld faced circumstances that were arguably as grave as any leader will ever encounter. The case offers a useful opportunity to apply frameworks taught in public management and policy courses.

During the U.S. led war in Iraq, allegations of prisoner abuse within the Abu Ghraib prison evoked angry reactions worldwide.

This case follows Greg Nickels as he navigates how the King County Board of Health will address reporting individuals with HIV.

This case presents the challenges facing Greg Nickels, the chair of the King County Board of Health, who must decide how the board will address the issue of reporting individuals with Human Immunod

This case looks at the ethical challenges one manager faces as he attempts to create productive a relationship with his board while maintaining loyalty to and from staff.  Lessons in local government, ethics, management and dealing with boards.

Wellington Street Pier Project is a short, well crafted case, which explores the leadership and ethical challenges a new Port Director faces as he attempts to create a productive relations

This case covers an in-basket exercise that was designed for mid to lower-level supervisory management development programs for investor-owned electric utility personnel, such as power plant foremen and supervisors, as well as those from other corporate functional areas such as general office, transmission/distribution, engineering, finance, and marketing. 

In-basket exercises are commonly used in the hiring process (particularly in screening candidates for management positions), promotion decisions, and in management training and development programs

A political appointee pressures a seasoned career official to authorize an unethical contract. The official's judgment and experience steer the appointee clear of a dangerous course, and end up winning his respect.

Interview with Al Zuck presents, in his own words, the personal reflections and reactions of a respected twenty-three year career official in the Department of Labor during the 1980 Presidential tr

Should the consumer have the "right to know", or are nanotech food labels unnecessary and unhelpful? 

This cases poses a hypothetical debate over efforts at the U.S. state level to mandate labels on food products containing or packaged in materials containing engineered nanomaterials.

State legislators argue policy on flying the Confederate flag at the capitol building. The case examines an ongoing public controversy and how leaders and policy makers handle symbolic issues in the context of political management.

This brief, intriguing case provides students an opportunity to wrestle with managing the kind of symbolic issues that confront policy makers at every level of government, and to reflect on the val

This two-day simulation focuses on the negotiation of controversial and complex issues related to the 2,000-mile border that separates and joins the United States and Mexico as neighbors. Originally designed for an Introduction to Latin American & Latino Studies course, the simulation can also be used in other academic settings to highlight the complexity of international negotiations, to help students identify with a non-U.S. perspective, and/or to showcase the practical and emotional implications of theoretical foreign policy.

This two-day simulation focuses on the negotiation of controversial and complex issues related to the 2,000-mile border that separates and joins the United States and Mexico as neighbors.

Eastern European NGO is tempted to violate its own policies by granting a special request from the country's president, and must face political forces not easily dismissed. In addition to its focus on the conflict between organizational and political priorities, this case can be used to illustrate principles of crisis management and staff/board relations.

This case presents a classic dilemma faced by nonprofit and public sector managers: how to remain true to the organization's values and mission when asked by an authority figure to "bend the rules?