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The challenges facing the founder and executive director of a small nonprofit organization related to organizational growth, issue advocacy, and board development.

This case presents a dilemma facing Cheryl Chase, the founder and Director of the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), an organization whose mission is to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted geni

The decision cases in this collection differ from the cases commonly used in social work education. Whatever their experience with the case method of teaching or with end-of-life care, most instructors will benefit from the extensive teaching notes written for each of the cases.

The decision cases in this collection differ from the cases commonly used in social work education.

The Northern Ireland Women's Coalition must decide whether to sign a negotiated agreement for constitutional change without the electoral reforms that allowed the group to be represented at the peace talks.

When negotiators for Peace Talks in the Northern Ireland Forum returned from a break, they learned that Senator George Mitchell had set a deadline for reaching a decision.

The Welcome Pole case involves public arts management, public administration, nonprofit management, Native American tribal politics, and murder-for-hire, among many other intersecting issues

The story of the Welcome Pole controversy at the Port of Olympia provides a window on effective public leadership, addressing such themes as management in an intercultural context, crisis managemen

The Laotian Organizing Project builds trust and leadership among Laotian refugees from tribal groups that do not have a history of interacting and for whom getting involved is both new and scary. Faced with industrial accidents impacting thier community and issues such as a lack of affordable housing or living-wage jobs, community members are speaking out and challenging traditional tribal conflicts and beliefs.

Formed in 1995, the Laotian Organizing Project builds trust and leadership among Laotian refugees in Richmond, California.

Nearly 70 congregations, two universities, and dozens of allies set aside differences and focus on what the congregations have in common for improving the quality of life for their communities through the creation regional transportation authority.

MOSES addresses the problems facing the city of Detroit and its suburbs.

Oaxacan Indigenous Binational Front educates migrants about their rights and assists with improving wages and working conditions. With many Oaxacans migrating between the U.S. and Mexico, the coalition has offices and members in the two countries.

Oaxacans represent a range of indigenous groups from southeastern Mexico. The groups speak 16 different languages. Their cultures and customs are neither American nor Spanish.

Early in his teaching career at a graduate school of public affairs, an assistant professor leading a management case discussion is brought up short by an African-American student's objection to "racism" in the case text. It is suitable for discussion in faculty groups focusing on teaching about diversity, leading discussion on charged subjects, and leading discussion among diverse participants.

This brief, three part case focuses on an unsettling moment in the life of a public management class, when racial tensions surface during discussion of a case involving minority staff at a public a

A doctoral student takes the opportunity of a "natural experiment" to investigate whether public transportation systems that facilitate "reverse commuting" might provide a policy response to the problem of urban unemployment.

This two part case and its companion bring real world problems into the study of statistics, research design, and communication with non-statistician audiences.