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EPA's careful planning of a Superfund cleanup encounters community  and Congressional opposition organized by an environmental advocacy  group.  Escalating conflict, years of delay, and mediation followed by a  questionable outcome result.

This four-part case concerns Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) management of, and community opposition to, the early 1990s effort to clean up toxic waste in the New Bedford, Massachusetts harbo

A civilian air traffic radar facility is proposed in a popular recreational forest and the local administrator must confront hostile environmental, political, and grass roots opposition in a region of newly democratic Poland.

This short, compelling case helps students gain experience identifying interests in a conflict, while also considering options for restoring a hostile public's trust in its governmental institution

In the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, the newly elected Clinton administration attempts to balance competing foreign policy interests in successive decisions about renewing China's most-favored-nation (MFN) trading status.

This case relates the policy processes leading up to and away from successive decisions about linking renewal of China's most-favored-nation (MFN) trading status with improvement of the Chinese gov

This case study will help students to learn comparative analytic perspectives and conflict management using an innovative approach. It helps students understand the use of the Public Participation Geographic Information System (PPGIS) method as a scientific and systematic tool for participatory governance to reduce conflict in allocating undesirable facilities.

In South Korea, high-tech development has brought an increased demand for electricity, requiring the construction and expansion of high-voltage transmission power lines.

A political appointee pressures a seasoned career official to authorize an unethical contract. The official's judgment and experience steer the appointee clear of a dangerous course, and end up winning his respect.

Interview with Al Zuck presents, in his own words, the personal reflections and reactions of a respected twenty-three year career official in the Department of Labor during the 1980 Presidential tr

Role-play exercise in which a manager has to resolve a conflict over the annual vacation schedule.  Illustrates and applies key principles of conflict resolution.

This case involves a small department responsible for maintenance and installation of five services in a city owned public utility.

As U.S. involvement in Somalia disintegrates, Clinton administration policy on multilateral peace operations evolves from an expansionist view of UN peacekeeping to a more limited perspective on its role in U.S. national security and defense.

The Clinton Administration and Multilateral Peace Operations (A & B) opens a window on the complex process of major national security and defense policy formation, both as it proceeds through b

A United Nations hydrologist discovers the political complexity of adopting an environmentally sound riparian resource plan for the Zambezi River, which flows through eight African nations. The case asks students to identify the political problem or problems threatening a technically sound environmental plan.

This case focuses on the complex political structure of managing a riparian resource in developing countries.

In a situation that is typical of small nonprofit boards, this tightly focused case looks at an awkward moment in a board meeting. While there are many versions of this story in the annals of small nonprofits, this case leaves the board chair deciding in real time how to handle a confrontation and limit the damage when a popular employee brings an entourage of volunteers to a board meeting to protest a recent management decision.

In a situation that is typical of small nonprofit boards, this tightly focused case looks at an awkward moment in a board meeting.

Manager of economic analysis agency faces a well liked, but seriously underperforming, senior employee as she tries to reshape agency. What is her best (or least worst) course of action?  This case is useful in management or conflict resolution courses.

Dealing with an employee who is not performing well can be one of the most taxing managerial tasks.