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Casa documents leadership decisions made in a nonprofit providing safe haven for Hispanic women experiencing domestic violence and shows how leaders can compete for resources and create program principles based on ethnic community values.

This case is designed to document the main leadership decisions made in the life of a nonprofit founded to provide safe haven for Hispanic women experiencing domestic violence.

As an example of interagency collaboration, this case allows students to think further about feasible and sustainable conditions of interagency collaboration where a collaboration network should evolve as government agencies learn more about its possibilities and challenges, and be continuously refined based on emerging demands and changing environments.

The Korean National Policy Agency (KNPA) ran numerous prevention and search programs for missing and runaway persons, but the number of those individuals s

A recently appointed engineering commissioner in an urban building department is confronted with disconcerting allegations of unethical conduct by one of her supervisors. Students gain insight on handling highly visible and symbolic personnel issues and managing the situation to expedite valuable changes in department culture.

Students of public or personnel management will be challenged by this fast moving case study showing the sequential decisions made in a charged management situation.

This case presents the challenges facing Seattle city council member Tom Weeks, who is interested in improving service delivery and cost-effectiveness in city services.

This case presents the challenges facing Seattle city council member Tom Weeks, who is interested in improving service delivery and cost-effectiveness in city services.

This case allows students to learn about organizational change, teamwork, and capacities by providing an enthralling scenario, which provides opportunities to discuss ways to lead organizational change, how teamwork can be an integral and fundamental part of an organization, and ways to identify, expand, and prioritize organizational capacities. “Rescuing Search and Rescue” should be taught near the beginning of the course.

The Utah County Jeep Patrol was tasked by the Sheriff to conduct all search and rescue operations in the County.

A newly appointed state agency director, tasked with helping the governor fulfill his vision of a "digital state," faces organizational, budgeting, and political issues as he attempts to start up Internet based services for citizens.

Helping to teach about basic issues in managing technology, this case uses one of the most common citizen experiences as the example.

This case highlights the political challenges contemporary urban school leaders face, it can be used in courses that focus on Education Policy, Political Representation, and Leadership and Management.

The case is framed by the decisions facing the school board president, Katherine Mitchell, shortly after she and her allies have forced the school superintendent, Roy Brooks, from his position.

A newly hired program manager in a county health and human services department faces the challenge of turning a policy decision into a successful program, taking it from the developmental stage to actual implementation.

This is an excellent case to illustrate the use of training as a leverage point to reform a service delivery system.

This case, taking place in an urban transit system, provides an excellent vehicle for teaching about crisis management of circumstances. Difficult systems and cultural problems require attention, as do immediate safety and public confidence issues.

The "Express Maintenance" case examines a broken culture and formal and informal incentives that work against the mission and purpose of an urban bus system.

The material on Central Falls is presented chiefly as a ―retrospective case‖ in which an instructor and students can review how the issue of school failure emerged in this community and state, how different actors were mobilized by it, and how the initial impasse between administration and teachers ultimately came to be resolved.

In January 2010 controversy erupted in the small city of Central Falls, Rhode Island, after state education officials identified the local high school as in need of overhaul due to the low level of