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This case highlights the political challenges contemporary urban school leaders face, it can be used in courses that focus on Education Policy, Political Representation, and Leadership and Management.

The case is framed by the decisions facing the school board president, Katherine Mitchell, shortly after she and her allies have forced the school superintendent, Roy Brooks, from his position.

Fostering Success launched an equity initiative to meet its ambitious goal of high school graduation parity in the surrounding county. A consultant led the agency through several required trainings and in starting an Equity Team. 

Early on, conflict emerged. Staff did not understand the purpose of equity training or see the connection to better outcomes for youth in foster care.

Early in his teaching career at a graduate school of public affairs, an assistant professor leading a management case discussion is brought up short by an African-American student's objection to "racism" in the case text. It is suitable for discussion in faculty groups focusing on teaching about diversity, leading discussion on charged subjects, and leading discussion among diverse participants.

This brief, three part case focuses on an unsettling moment in the life of a public management class, when racial tensions surface during discussion of a case involving minority staff at a public a