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A recently appointed engineering commissioner in an urban building department is confronted with disconcerting allegations of unethical conduct by one of her supervisors. Students gain insight on handling highly visible and symbolic personnel issues and managing the situation to expedite valuable changes in department culture.

Students of public or personnel management will be challenged by this fast moving case study showing the sequential decisions made in a charged management situation.

This case, taking place in an urban transit system, provides an excellent vehicle for teaching about crisis management of circumstances. Difficult systems and cultural problems require attention, as do immediate safety and public confidence issues.

The "Express Maintenance" case examines a broken culture and formal and informal incentives that work against the mission and purpose of an urban bus system.

This case is offered as part of the Recovery Act Case Program and serves as a best example of the efforts of the large network of federal, state, local, non-profit, and private sector partners who contributed in the implementation of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 

This case study examines the leadership challenges and key decision points in designing and successfully implementing a system that ensured that stimulus money Congress designated under the America