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Covers the history of the Pacifica Foundation of California, including a detailed description of interpersonal conflict between 1993 and 2000. This case explores the relationship between organizational behavior and organizational design.

Pacifica Foundation covers the history of the Pacifica Foundation of California, from the 1940s to the year 2000.

This leadership story describes how, with the powerful motivation of community survival, the Black AIDS Institute is raising the participation of African-Americans in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In 1999, with HIV/AIDS tearing through the African-American community, Phill Wilson and his colleagues began to identify black stakeholders and offer them strategic ways to respond to the epidemic.

Larry Frymire, founding Executive Director of New Jersey Public Television, opens the case pondering his sudden removal from his leadership post.

On the eve of an inspector general's critical report to a hostile Congress, HEW faces the dilemma of how to handle the fallout. This case may be used as a vehicle to discuss press relations and how public managers should frame an issue for the media.

During her lunch break, Eileen Shanahan, assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), learns that the first annual report of HEWs inspector gener

Should the consumer have the "right to know", or are nanotech food labels unnecessary and unhelpful? 

This cases poses a hypothetical debate over efforts at the U.S. state level to mandate labels on food products containing or packaged in materials containing engineered nanomaterials.

A case about the importance of the judiciary in American politics and how a few dedicated feminist activists in Minnesota mobilized large numbers of men and women to open the judiciary to women.

In early January 1977, in a formal address to the Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) Feminist Caucus, Governor Rudy Perpich promised to fill the next vacancy on the Minnesota Supreme Court with a

This case, taking place in an urban transit system, provides an excellent vehicle for teaching about crisis management of circumstances. Difficult systems and cultural problems require attention, as do immediate safety and public confidence issues.

The "Express Maintenance" case examines a broken culture and formal and informal incentives that work against the mission and purpose of an urban bus system.

This case presents challenges in linking policy analysis and development to implementation when confronted with conflict from within and without a public organization.  It is appropriate for use in a graduate level public management course and would also work well in a leadership or ethics class.

The California Bureau of Public Lands is responsible for the management of all state-owned lands. It contracts with private timber companies to harvest timber.

This five part case series focuses on a manager charged with overseeing worker health and safety, who discovers some surprising results in the data he has about a program that dispel his previous assumptions, and other results that leave him with more questions.

This case focuses on Monty Paradis, a manager charged with overseeing farm worker health and safety, who discovers surprising results in the data he has about a state regulatory program called the