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This case's key focus is on the management of personnel and systems and building program capacity within the constraints of a bureaucratic agency. 

This case is about a bureaucratic organization in flux. The government agency in charge of disaster management on the small island of St.

The Northern Ireland Women's Coalition must decide whether to sign a negotiated agreement for constitutional change without the electoral reforms that allowed the group to be represented at the peace talks.

When negotiators for Peace Talks in the Northern Ireland Forum returned from a break, they learned that Senator George Mitchell had set a deadline for reaching a decision.

This case analyzes the challenges facing PANDA, a private-sector interest group, as they decide how to move forward in a complex political environment. Students must keep in mind the nature of the political regime in Pandora, the various components and goals of PANDA, and the relative positions of other political stakeholders.

Mahiz Shewen is the president of the Pandoran Development Authority (PANDA), a group of private sector leaders with civic action interests in the Southeast Asian republic of Pandora.

A dispute over fisheries conservation in the Northwest Atlantic leads to the first ever military confrontation between Canada and Spain. Negotiations involving the European Union lead to an agreement in which both sides claim victory.

The dispute over Northwest Atlantic fisheries conservation, dubbed "The Turbot War" in the press, marked the first military confrontation of any kind between Canada and Spain.

The case begins in Spring 2007 with Paul Shoemaker and Ruth Jones, the respective executive directors of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Seattle and Social Venture Partners International (SVPI).

With society becoming increasingly wary of conventional chemical pest control methods, this case looks at some decisions around the use of biological control approaches using microorganisms, insects, or diseases for pest management.

As society has become increasingly wary of conventional chemical pest control methods, interest has grown in the use of biological control (biocontrol) approaches using microorganisms, insects, or

A United Nations hydrologist discovers the political complexity of adopting an environmentally sound riparian resource plan for the Zambezi River, which flows through eight African nations. The case asks students to identify the political problem or problems threatening a technically sound environmental plan.

This case focuses on the complex political structure of managing a riparian resource in developing countries.

Portrays the high cost and high risks of Korea.

This two-part case is based on the history of South Korean development in the 1960s and 1970s.

Oaxacan Indigenous Binational Front educates migrants about their rights and assists with improving wages and working conditions. With many Oaxacans migrating between the U.S. and Mexico, the coalition has offices and members in the two countries.

Oaxacans represent a range of indigenous groups from southeastern Mexico. The groups speak 16 different languages. Their cultures and customs are neither American nor Spanish.

An organization in Japan that supports a language training institute in Myanmar (formerly Burma) finds resistance when it seeks to influence Japanese instruction methods at the institute.

This is a case about conflicting visions of an organization's purpose. Terakoya Support is a Japanese NGO that supports language courses taught in Myanmar.

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