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This first segment of the IMC course focuses on the broad strategic picture by examining the external environment in which a leader is operating.

This is the first segment of the Integrated Management Curriculum - a three quarter sequence designed to teach skills, practices and theories involve

Executive Director Lundberg has a new five-year contract, but must deal with a board that is divided over the use of the school’s land, only a small portion of which is actually needed for the school’s facilities. A showdown is brewing...

At the beginning of a new school year during the Great Recession, Bedford Falls Academy Executive Director Susan Lundberg proposes an ambitious five-year capital improvement and enrollment growth p

This case addresses issues of economic development for urban renewal in the post-industrial city of Baltimore. It focuses on commercial real estate development as one policy tool and stimulates readers to develop their own conclusions about its success.

Baltimore has suffered significant amounts of economic damage since the end of World War II and de-industrialization: high unemployment, an exodus of residents to the suburbs, alarming homicide and

This case contains themes pertinent to policy analysis, science and public policy, public management, and ethics. It can facilitate a rich discussion that can last 45-70 minutes, but it is suitable to shorter, more focused discussion of specific issues as well.

This case describes the decision by administrators at San Jose State University to ban blood drives on campus and the aftermath of that decision.

Focuses on the academic, administrative, local and regional issues surrounding a county school board's failed attempt to partner with a local college and successful partnering with an out-of- state University in creating a dual enrollment program.

This case focuses on the academic, administrative, local and regional issues surrounding the attempts by a county school board to partner with a local college in designing and implementing a dual e

A county administrator carefully prepares a plan to replace a deteriorating elementary school with a new building that meets current safety and environmental standards, but voters scuttle authorization of the bond issue needed to finance it.

This brief, three part case depicts a public official encountering the fundamental and ongoing tension between democracy and administrative judgment.

A secretary's shortcomings appear to be causing problems, but closer inspection finds weaknesses from other sources. Develops skills for analyzing and fixing a weak organizational culture.

Highly relevant to a wide range of personnel and organizational behavior courses, "A Change of Leadership at the Local Education Authority" presents a problem that relates easily to many organizati