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This first segment of the IMC course focuses on the broad strategic picture by examining the external environment in which a leader is operating.

This is the first segment of the Integrated Management Curriculum - a three quarter sequence designed to teach skills, practices and theories involve

As the previous IMC terms provided external and internal perspectives of the responsibilities of leadership, this term is intended to weave those together, by providing practice at integrating the skills, and focusing on how to affect policy.

As the previous IMC terms provided external and internal perspectives of the responsibilities of leadership, this term is intended to weave those tog

This case highlights the political challenges contemporary urban school leaders face, it can be used in courses that focus on Education Policy, Political Representation, and Leadership and Management.

The case is framed by the decisions facing the school board president, Katherine Mitchell, shortly after she and her allies have forced the school superintendent, Roy Brooks, from his position.

This case contains themes pertinent to policy analysis, science and public policy, public management, and ethics. It can facilitate a rich discussion that can last 45-70 minutes, but it is suitable to shorter, more focused discussion of specific issues as well.

This case describes the decision by administrators at San Jose State University to ban blood drives on campus and the aftermath of that decision.

This case study presents the instructor with a wide range of topics to which the case can be applied and around which it can be used as a basis for discussion such as: ethics, public policy, administrative law, citizen participation in local governance, public human resource management, intergovernmental relations, governmental budgeting, organizational behavior, and research methods.

In March 2015, Newpoint High School, one of the high-performing charter schools in Escambia County, Florida, suddenly found itself at the heart of a real scandal when the School District announced

The material on Central Falls is presented chiefly as a ―retrospective case‖ in which an instructor and students can review how the issue of school failure emerged in this community and state, how different actors were mobilized by it, and how the initial impasse between administration and teachers ultimately came to be resolved.

In January 2010 controversy erupted in the small city of Central Falls, Rhode Island, after state education officials identified the local high school as in need of overhaul due to the low level of

How should a complex public organization such as a public university respond to changes in the organizational environment when there are many "voices" with power to speak on emerging public issues that affect the university in different ways?

This teaching case presents a problem of how complex public organizations respond to changes in the organizational environment.

An overall view of the Integrated Management Curriculum's concepts, integration and recurrence of themes, teaching objectives, study questions, lessons and key readings in a single document.

The Integrated Management Curriculum is built around the responsibilities, problems and skills that public managers face in their daily work, using literature and theory to amplify and deepen a stu

A secretary's shortcomings appear to be causing problems, but closer inspection finds weaknesses from other sources. Develops skills for analyzing and fixing a weak organizational culture.

Highly relevant to a wide range of personnel and organizational behavior courses, "A Change of Leadership at the Local Education Authority" presents a problem that relates easily to many organizati