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After Major League Soccer announced a plan to bring a team to Salt Lake City, the subsequent intergovernmental tensions with regard to funding and building a stadium caused the Major League Soccer to question their decision.

Major League Soccer announced plans to bring a team to Salt Lake City, Utah, and originally the organization announced plans to build a soccer stadium in downtown.

The Welcome Pole case involves public arts management, public administration, nonprofit management, Native American tribal politics, and murder-for-hire, among many other intersecting issues

The story of the Welcome Pole controversy at the Port of Olympia provides a window on effective public leadership, addressing such themes as management in an intercultural context, crisis managemen

The dilemmas and escalating crises facing a new executive director of a small, multipurpose nonprofit, plus the particular challenges of taking charge after a popular founder/executive director leaves. The case presented an overview of general management responsibilities and some basic principles of board management and staff relationships.

These teaching cases present dilemmas and escalating crises facing the new executive director of a small, multipurpose nonprofit organization.

The incoming president of a nonprofit organization makes putting its financial affairs in order her first priority but runs into opposition from her board and has to address miscommunication between "accountants" and "artists" among the members.

This case focuses attention on the fundamental question, "What is the purpose of a budget?" The case recounts a conflict in a voluntary, nonprofit theater organization that is having difficulty pay