Institute for Local Government and Public Service

The Institute for Local Government and Public Service (ILGPS) partnered with the Hallway to fund the Case Project for Central and Eastern Europe.

An Ethical Dilemma at the Cumbrian Cultural Endowment Foundation

This case presents a classic dilemma faced by nonprofit and public sector managers: how to remain true to the organization's values and mission when asked by an authority figure to "bend the rules?" This straightforward and engaging case will prompt lively discussion across a wide range of graduate and midcareer student audiences. Whatever one's perspective—a staff member in a nonprofit or public agency, a state or local government agency director, or the executive director of a nonprofit organization, the ethical dilemma presented in this case is a compelling one.

Church-State Debate Threatens Budapest's Second District

This short, engaging case spurs class discussion about the role of community-based interest groups and the pressures they exert on local governments and public executives. The case also prompts analysis of how local governments are caught between the dictates of nationally driven policy or regulation and the specific, unique needs of their own communities. By mapping the divergent interests of various community groups, students are equipped to identify a range of possible compromise solutions to the political and social crisis.

A Change of Leadership at the Local Education Authority

Highly relevant to a wide range of personnel and organizational behavior courses, "A Change of Leadership at the Local Education Authority" presents a problem that relates easily to many organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

A Radar Controversy in Zalas

This short, compelling case helps students gain experience identifying interests in a conflict, while also considering options for restoring a hostile public's trust in its governmental institutions and leaders. It illustrates the quandary of a public official who must implement an unpopular decision by his regional council that he nonetheless believes is the correct course of action.

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