Message to Pro-Subscribers: Transition to Publicases

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Dear Hallway Pro-Members,

Starting June 28, 2021, the Hallway will begin transitioning content and functionality to a new home, Publicases, hosted by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA)’s Institute for Innovative Teaching and Learning for Public Service (IITLPS). PubliCases will be a centralized hub for public affairs case teaching content and resources using open source principles, where possible. We are proud that the Hallway will be founding contributor of our case content to this rich repository.

NASPAA is uniquely positioned to expand the development and use of case studies, simulations, and other experiential learning materials in public affairs education. NASPAA’s Publicases is building on the tremendous contributions to our field by the Hallway at the Evans School (University of Washington) and the Hubert Project at the Humphrey School (University of Minnesota), as well as other creators of teaching cases, simulations, and other learning materials from around the world.   

You will continue to have access to the great learning materials you currently enjoy as well as new materials that will be part of the Publicases collection.  Current Pro-member subscribers to the Hallway will be grandfathered into a year-long membership to the full slate of resources at Publicases. In addition, Pro-Members (individual and institutional) who signed up for a pro membership after Dec 31, 2020 will receive an additional year of complimentary access to Publicases.

The Hallway will remain accessible to Pro-members through August 1, 2021, as users are transitioning to the new Publicases system.

To learn more about NASPAA’s Institute for Innovative Teaching and Learning for Public Service, of which Publicases is a part, visit the website here:

Overall, Publicases seeks: 

  1. To strengthen the skills of student participants and future leaders across the globe in critical thinking and managing public governance, as well empowering them to engage in public service through simulations, cases and data-driven modes of learning.   
  2. To equip faculty with tools and teaching devices such as teaching cases, multimedia cases and videos, and simulations (computer-based and role playing), as part of an effort to enhance experiential learning opportunities in the classroom.
  3. To train students in data analysis skills though real-world examples, specifically how to think forensically and employ nontraditional methods.
  4. To provide expertise in public service values and working towards the public good to our partner organizations.

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Jodi Sandfort
Dean and Professor
UW Evans School


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John Compton
Director of Digital Strategies
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