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Hallway members have access to browse our constantly growing collection of high-quality teaching cases and resources. Subject areas range from public health to technology to urban planning, and resources include dynamic sets of exercises and teaching aids. With our new 'Assigned Cases' feature, it makes managing cases and resources even easier for teaching.

Joining the Hallway as a member is free, and granted pending a review of eligibility. When you join the Hallway as a member you will be able to:

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Once your membership is approved, you may purchase a Pro Membership which will grant access to view all content within all cases, enable you to create assignments and share case content with your students for your classes.

There are two types of Pro Membership available:

  • An Individual Pro Membership ($100 annually) provides Pro Membership features to one user.
  • An Institutional Pro Membership ($900 annually) allows a department administrator to grant Pro Membership features to any number of users in their institution.

Membership Eligibility

Membership with the Hallway is only available to faculty and instructors in public administration and related fields, as well as government agencies who use materials in their training programs. Membership is not eligible for students in these related fields due to the teaching purpose of the Hallway.

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